About Us

Diane DezielFashion design teacher for the last 24 years, Diane Déziel is the creator and founder of Toolfully. She is also a mom, a writer and the most ambitious woman you’ll have the chance to meet. She graduated in fashion design in 1985 and she also obtained a DE in teaching back in 2014. Mme. Deziel also has a Youtube channel where she displays her unique methods of teaching and techniques.

Dedicated to making progress in the garment, fashion and education field, she created a patent for her students of her invention. The students went crazy about it and were very excited by it. Not long after, everybody started to encourage her to produce it and with everybody’s support and encouragement finally she designed the real thing. Hoping to make the fashion industry understand the whole concept of grading and applying it properly without any mistakes, she created something that no one has ever seen before.

Toolfully grading rulers are a set of tools that are used for grading. The set comes with the sleeve block, skirt, pant and bodice with all the sizes from XXS to XXL. Truly designed for any type of pattern, any designer.